Butterfly larval host plants - desert survivors (12/14)

The following is a list of plants that we sell which are butterfly larval hosts - or food plants that caterpillars eat.  Larval plants are the absolute best way to cultivate a butterfly garden, as nectar plants are much easier to come by.  Most of these butterfly caterpillars are not too destructive to the plants, especially as the plants get a little bit bigger.  Although there are always a few proverbial bad apples in the bunch, like the Gulf Fritillary caterpillar, which can sometimes kill your new passion vines.  Also, some of these species are from mid-elevation in the mountains and will not show up in Tucson (or are rare here), but are easily attracted if you live somewhere like Oracle, Sierra Vista & Portal.  Currently, approximately 220 species are represented on this list, which represents about 1/3 of our total species inventory.  This number really emphasizes how strong native plants are as butterfly and wildlife plants.  

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