Native grasses available at desert survivors

We are committed to offering the largest selection of native grasses in the state, and currently cultivate up to 59 different species/infraspecific taxa.  Please be aware that not all species are available at any given time, but typically we have between 40 and 45 species available.  Feel free to inquiry as to the availability of any of these, or if you are looking for native perennial grasses that are not currently on our list.  We may be working on new ones, so we would love to hear what you are looking for.  At this time, Desert Survivors only sells perennial grasses native to Arizona, due to the incredible impact that non-native species have made on our state. Even grasses from neighboring states or regions can become invasive in our fragile desert habitat.  Luckily, there is such a huge selection of native grasses available that you will be at no loss in selecting the perfect grasses for your yard or project.  Please be advised that we do not sell seed, just plants.  

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