Nursery Closure Dates

   Desert Survivors will be closed on Saturday, July 1st, due to inventory - and on Tuesday, July the 4th.  We will be back open again on Wednseday, July 5th.  Thanks for your understanding and hope you enjoy the holiday weekend. 


   It has been the mission of Desert Survivors to promote the use of native plants for our Sonoran Desert home.  We support growing and nurturing Native Plants using the most ecologically safe methods available.  Desert Survivors utilizes the most eco-friendly organic fertilizers and pest control applications. 

   At this time we feel obligated to notify our friends and customers of a necessary, and temporary change in our pest control policy. 

   We have experienced the presence of some new pests in our community - which were introduced by wholesale nurseries and big box stores.  Although we grow 85% of our plant stock, we do purchase 15% from other nurseries.  We have typically used very eco-friendly fertilizers and pest control applications.  

   We are notifying our friends and customers that to control a pest problem which is different than what we usually deal with, we will need to temporarily use a commercial, chemical pesticide.  The pesticide we will use is routinely used by farming entities and other wholesale and retail nurseries in Pima County.  We will use the pesticide for a period of six months, unless results are evident sooner.  Then we will return to the use more of eco-friendly pest control applications.  Please be aware that plants purchased at the nursery may have pesticide residues that persist in the stems for approximately 2 to 3 weeks.  We are deeply sorry for this unfortunate, temporary change, but wanted to let all of you know.  

   Please visit us at the nursery or contact us by email for further information. 

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