plants for desert tortoises

Desert Tortoises enjoy a diverse diet of native plants, and we offer an extensive selection of native food plants to choose from. It is best to set up your desert tortoise garden prior to getting your tortoise. We highly recommend not using non-native plants for your native animal, especially those that are highly invasive like Bermuda grass. Currently Bermuda grass has infested most of the riparian canyons in the mountains, and is now a permanent part of those ecosystems where it has displaced native species. Planting Bermuda grass in Tucson almost ensures that seeds will blow into your neighbors yard where they will most likely become permanently established. It is virtually impossible to get to Bermuda grass out of a vegetable garden without using detrimental chemicals like Glyphoshate (Roundup). Be responsible and do not plant invasive Bermuda grass for your desert tortoise! We have a huge selection of delicious edible native grass for your beloved pet, so give them what they really want — their natural diet.

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