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Desert Survivors is a "home grown" human service agency founded in 1981 in Tucson, Arizona. It is a unique nonprofit organization combining the appreciation and preservation of the Sonoran Desert with innovative and effective services to enhance the lives of people with disabilities.

We provide early childhood development services to children and their families, and we provide employment for adults with disabilities.

Desert Survivors children's services includes early intervention services to families with children at risk of developmental delays, coordinating home-bound early intervention services for families.

For the adult services program, we run a related business enterprise to facilitate the provision of services. The Adult Vocational Program is realized in the operation of our retail Native Plant Nursery, whichs provide employment for adults with disabilities. The nursery workers assist in the cultivation of a variety of trees, shrubs and flowering plants. By providing a retail outlet for plants indigenous to the arid Southwest, we help to promote the use of natives in urban landscapes and contribute to an understanding and appreciation of low-water use plants, as well as an appreciation for the unique beauty of our desert home.


Desert Survivors
1020 West Starr Pass Tucson AZ 85713
Open 8AM to 5PM, Tuesday through Saturday
Phone 520 884-8806 • Fax 520 884-0940

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