"In Memory of" Donation

Make a charitable donation to honor the memory of a loved one. The name and an optional photograph will be posted on this page in remembrance of that special person. For all donations of $500, we will make a custom name-plaque to be placed in our special client demonstration garden. Gifts in memory of an individual are tax-deductible and greatly help our non-profit human service program and native plant nursery.

If you are interested, please send us an email sharing information about the individual being honored here.

Ken Cole

In loving memory of Ken Cole, who loved the desert plants.

Anthony Smith

In memory of a loving husband, Anthony Smith.

Wally Evans

In loving memory of Wally Evans, who loved to give plants a second chance! October 13, 1945 — October 30, 2020.

Bryan Holben

In loving memory of Bryan Holben; May 4, 1957 — August 4, 2021.

Moira Shea

In loving memory of Moira Shea; March 27, 1954 — August 29, 2020.

Kenneth J. Bayly

In loving memory of Kenneth J. Bayly, an awesome gardener and loving father.

Kim Marcus

In memory of Kim Marcus.

Dr. Alice F. Chang

In memory of Dr. Alice F. Chang.

Deborah Ann Slotsky

Remembering Deborah Ann Slotsky (Preskill).