About Us

We are a collaborative union of  employment for adults with intellectual developmental disabilities (I/DD) referred by the state dept. of economic security, division of developmental disabilities, and a native plant nursery. The nursery provides integrated jobs and training opportunities for  employees with I/DD. Revenues from the nursery sales pay  salaries for I/DD employees, while income from our contract with the State of Arizona pays the salaries of nursery workers who are also trained as Direct Support Professionals.

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What We Do

A diverse and skilled staff of Direct Support Professionals, who we refer to as Mentors, work alongside our 40+ supported employees with disabilities. With some additional support from nursery staff, our supported employees prepare for competitive integrated employment in the community. By being both a retail and production nursery, we are able to offer a wide variety of tasks to participants to help them learn what the next step of their employment journey will look like.

Native Plant Nursery

We are both a retail and production nursery offering perhaps the highest diversity of native plants in the state. Experienced nursery staff offer quality service to our valued customers, including advice on planting pollinator, wildlife and specialty gardens.

Our Mission

Creating an integrated work environment where every employee is treated equally with respect and dignity. We honor all diversity and our fence has three gates to welcome all.

Desert Survivors Inc. is dedicated to providing quality employment to adults with developmental disabilities, advocacy to families and individuals, desert friendly products at our native plant nursery and services to our community. Our services promote respect for each individual’s beliefs and values within their culture and celebrate healthy living in our desert home.

Our Goals Are:

Provide meaningful and dignified work opportunities to adults with disabilities, at our Nursery and through other business partnerships.

Provide services to the community using the Pima County River Park Loop from Ajo to Ina and at La Vuelta Pit Stop.

Provide support and information to families/guardians of individuals with disabilities.

Provide education to our community to appreciate, promote and protect the fragile ecology of the Sonoran Desert with an emphasis on Southern Arizona

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