Program Admin. Director

Required Qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree in psychology or closely related field (but experience in direct care or with people with I/DD can compensate for lack of degree), professional communication skills, good writing and basic computer skills for documentation, physically able to lift 50 lbs, ability to work outside in a desert climate, experience supervising staff.

Preferred Qualifications:

Five years of experience including supervision of people with I/DD, landscaping or plant nursery skills, five years of experience in management, bilingual, experience with Wellsky billing or as a DDD or VR vendor.


This position is under the direct supervision of the Executive Director, it is salaried and full-time. We are looking for effective advocates who are committed to providing quality services. There are numerous opportunities for professional development, and we value life-long learning. Strong organizational skills are a must, as is the ability to work in a team. A positive attitude is essential and the capacity to show grace, compassion, and patience is the key to long-term success in this role.

Primary Duties:

  • Along with the Program Site Director, train, guide, and oversee our Mentors (Direct Support Professionals/DSP) while they work with our Supported Employees.
  • Support Mentors in completing the required reporting documentation (daily and monthly), review for accuracy, and submit it to contract funders.
  • Remain current on all required trainings and certifications.
    – CPR/ First Aid, Article IX, Prevention & Support, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation and current fingerprint clearance card.
  • Track training requirements and recertifications for all Mentors
  • Partner with Program Site Director to recruit, interview, and hire all Mentors.
  • Coordinate with Operations Director to ensure funding for new Supported Employees.
  • Complete biannual aggregate reports for DDD funded Supported Employees, ensuring that information provided is accurate.
  • Work in partnership with the Program Site Director to make sure person-centered planning meetings include representation from Desert Survivors.
  • Train with the Operations Director to be able to bill using the single claim system in Wellsky so you are the operations director “backup” in case of illness or absence.
  • Ensure that the medication logs, for any Supported Employees receiving medication during the workday, are completed correctly. These logs and all documentation are to be filed at the end of each month and available to state monitoring staff or auditors upon request.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of health, safety, and emergency procedures to ensure the wellbeing of all personnel.

  • Complete incident reports, as required, for injuries, aggression (verbal or physical), or situations involving the police or other emergency services. Incident reports need to be completed the day the incident occurs and must be reported to AHCCCS Quality Assurance on the day it occurs. All incidents MUST be reported to the Executive Director ASAP on the day of the incident; if they are unavailable, report to the Operations Director.

Secondary Duties:

  • Attend scheduled staff meetings and internal professional development opportunities as assigned.
  • ALWAYS carry a radio for communication.
  • Collaborate with Program Site Director to manage Supported Employees during arrival check-in and discuss daily work assignments.
  • Provide one-to-one time for Supported Employees who need occasional additional behavioral support to ensure they have positive work experience.
  • Along with Program Site Director, serve as backup to any Mentors taking time off.
  • Alongside the Employment Services Director, serve as backup to Program Site Director when they take time off.
  • Team up with Program Site Director to meet and conduct tours for potential Supported Employees.
  • Work with Operations Director to complete the annual HCBS recertification, including scheduling an on-site inspection every two years.

Most importantly, treat all personnel at Desert Survivors with respect, courtesy and understanding. Disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated from any employee, and should be reported to the management team and Executive Director.